Luis A. Torres, Jr.

Luis A. Torres, Jr., Esq., is a practicing Catholic with a jurisprudence doctorate and thirty years of expertise in public policy, negotiation, communications, and facilitating dispute resolutions among diverse interest groups.

He has been an active participant in his diocesan survivor program and, for 18 years, has served on its Review Board – and continues to serve in this capacity, too. He offers insights and an important survivor voice to numerous diocesan Task Forces and Review Boards.

Below is the video of Luis’s speech before the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in November 2018, offering a survivor’s testimony following the summer during which the Pennsylvania District Attorney’s report had been released and during which then-Cardinal McCarrick was revealed as a public and Church menace. Luis has also spoken to the National Review Board and other groups, including as a guest in a Secretariat for Child and Youth Protection webinar.

Luis is the co-founder, with Teresa Pitt Green, of Spirit Fire, the Christian Restorative Justice Initiative which this website describes. Luis has inspired, organized, hosted and participated in Spirit Fire events, speaking and counseling, advocating and encouraging others to heal as individuals, families, and communities. He is a renowned speaker and is currently researching his book on just and integrated remuneration programs that promote sustainable healing. Luis is a participant in the Survivor Advisory Panel to Working Group 1: Survivor Care for the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors. He is an organizer, presenter and host for The First Annual Spirit Fire Global Conference on Abuse and Faith.

Luis is a devoted husband and father, whose reputation for outdoor Halloween and Christmas displays has been earned from decades of creative yard work.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops: Survivor’s Testimony (November 2018)