Trauma-Informed Pastoral Care

Spirit Fire hosts events to promote trauma-informed ministry for Catholic and Christian groups.

Events may be workshops as well as retreats, which permit for added periods of reflection and prayer. Duration varies based on goals and situation.

Attendees range in background and experience. Most events include discussions with survivors of abuse either by virtual teleconference or in person.

Pastoral Training Topics (samples)

  • Healing What Psychology Cannot
  • Serving as a Spiritual Mediator
  • Ministering to Secondary Trauma
  • Walking with a Wounded Church
  • Mastering Physical and Medical Care
  • Creating Your Patchwork of Support
  • Imagining God’s Dream for You
  • Scriptural Transformations
  • Practical Matters in Spiritual Healing
  • Mental Illness and Scriptural Light.

We meet with leaders in other faith settings and traditions to share the role of faith in healing and support reflections within other belief systems about abuse, healing and recovery.