Sacred Spaces

Spirit Fire promotes the development of sacred spaces – as part of the restoration of a sense of sanctuary among us.

Members and friends have promoted sacred spaces in local and distant dioceses and parishes, and our media policy blends a commitment to openness in order to raise awareness while holding a boundary around those places reserved for sacred peace, security, and privacy where grief and wounds can find consolation, comfort, and graces.

Michael D. Hoffman, a founder of The Healing Voices Magazine, chair of a committee to hold an annual diocesan Mass for Hope and Healing, as well as President of the Board of Prevent Child Abuse Illinois, has also served with survivors and clergy and other volunteers to create a lasting garden for healing in Chicago, here.

The Catholic University of America created a moving gallery of survivor stories in a respectful manner, providing peaceful space for prayer and reflection in a gallery of stories April 2019. Some images may be found below.