Healing Voices Magazine

The Healing Voices Magazine was founded in 2014 and published its first issue in early 2015.

It was founded by survivors abused by clergy as a step in reconciling their own faith with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual harm done to them. It was a quest to integrate their Catholic faith with their recovery from abuse within the Church – and to invite all others to join in a collective healing journey.

The Healing Voices has evolved into an online, editor-mediated dialogue among everyone affected by child abuse in the Catholic Church – and in society at large.

All are welcome to contribute, including survivors of clergy abuse, those abused by others with authority, as well as friends and family members who suffer the wound of abuse by one degree of separation. Contributors also include priests, nuns, deacons and others in the Catholic Church who seek in goodwill to serve our suffering fellows, and from all others who seek to understand how our Catholic faith has evolved and played a role in healing, recovery and reconciliation.

The Healing Voices community has become a vibrant group, as well, holding online prayer services and discussion groups.

Recently, Michael D. Hoffman who is a co-founder of the magazine and on the board of Spirit Fire, launched a new column, entitled “Seeds of Hope,” which features events and other programs in parishes and dioceses which can provide valuable ideas and experiences for all the readers of the magazine.

The Healing Voices is read in every diocese of the United States and some dioceses in Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe, and by small groups around the globe such as in Guam, Philippines, and South Africa. It is also read with the Pontifical university and staff system.