Conditions for Reuse

Everything created and published by Spirit Fire or Teresa Hartnett is intended to promote a dialogue to heal relationships wounded by child abuse, particularly in settings associated with Christ and the faith of Christians. So, reprinting and copying is generally welcomed, but on these terms:

What You Are Welcome and Hereby Authorized to Do

You may:

  1. Photocopy up to 200 copies of one or more articles, and/or
  2. Photocopy up to 200 copies of up to ten-page excerpts from books, and/or
  3. Display or broadcast all or part of a video to up to 200 attendees…

Provided you:

  1. Make absolutely no edits to content.
  2. Show credits on each page or screen.
  3. Are using these for a faith-based group, family or other private gathering.
  4. Do not resell, and do not charge for copying or broadcast.
  5. Are not using for a commercial or paid-for nonprofit event.
  6. Display or share in a respectful manner.

What You Need Advance Permission to Do

You need to seek our authorization for all other reuse, which includes without limitation:

  1. Editorial reuses.
  2. Excerpts in commercial publications or products.
  3. Abridged or otherwise edited excerpts.
  4. 201 or more copies or attendees at events.
  5. Republication in anyway.

Where content is co-owned with Rev. Lewis S. Fiorelli, OSFS, permission under these terms suffices for both copyright owners.

For permission requests, just send an email here.

Thank you for sharing in our effort to advance healing and reconciliation in our world following child abuses in Christian settings!

Please send us a note or even a link, or a compliment, so we can enjoy the fruits of this work!