Pastoral Care Webinars

Spirit Fire blends investing time and spirit in developing friendships in person with virtual options which minimize cost and delays related to planning and travel. We also have many digital programs and other online events available.


This webinar series was requested by one diocese when bringing priests and deacons to workshops in one place at one time was proving challenging. Teresa created this excerpt from her workshop (of the same name) for clergy seeking insights into trauma-informed pastoral care. The brief installments permitted original viewers, at their own pace, to follow top outtakes of the main retreat held earlier that year.

The video on offering pastoral care focusing on IMPACT of abuse has had over 11,000 views.

Offering Spiritual Companionship to Adult Survivors of Child Abuse. By Teresa Pitt Green, Spirit Fire. YouTube: TeresaGreen, March 28, 2012. Video 11:44.

This is a ten-part webinar for anyone ministering to adult survivors of child abuse in a Catholic or other Christian dialogue. The next nine webinars are part of this overall program. Learn in the privacy and comfort of you own home, on your own schedule.

2Impact: Lasting Impact of Child Sexual Abuse on Adults. Ibid. Video 17:23. (Shown above)

3 – First Encounters: Early Dialogue with Adult Survivors. Ibid. Video 16:27.

4 – Spiritual Hospitality and Emotions in Early Dialogue. Ibid.  Video 11:46.

5 – Goals for Integrating Faith with Recovery. Ibid. Video 13:13.

6 – Preparing Yourself for Offering Spiritual Support. Ibid. Video 18:20.

7 – A Safe Setting for Spiritual Dialogue. Ibid. Video 25:39.

8Responding: Effective Responses in Ministry. Ibid. Video 25:40.

9 – Boundaries in Healing. Ibid. Video 25:13.

10 – Your Best Role in Spiritually Supporting Survivors. Ibid. Video 24:50.

Also of interest

What Survivors Can Teach Us (Part 1, Part 2). YouTube: TeresaGreen, March 27, 2014. Video 17:18. (Part 1 Featured Below)

Dr. Robert Orsi, professor of Religious Studies and History and Grace Craddock Nagle Chair in Catholic Studies at Northwestern University. shares an advance look into his extensive research about the faith or spiritual lives of adult survivors of abuse by Catholic clergy or others with authority in the Catholic Church.

Basic Concepts for Integrating Faith with Recovery from Child Sexual Abuse. Teresa Pitt Green, YouTube: TeresaGreen, July 1, 2014. Video 27:07.

An introduction to creative ways to integrate the Catholic and Christian faith into an adult’s recovery from child abuse. This webinar is a summary of the full series noted below.