Our Ten Principles

These Ten Principles are fundamental in our ministry.

  1. Effective child protection programs are critical for a credible ministry.
  2. Psychological, physical and spiritual wounds can last into adulthood.
  3. Loved ones often suffer in relationship to victims of abuse – by one degree of separation.
  4. Members of faith communities, within the Church family where abuse occurs, also suffer in solidarity.
  5. Often pastoral care lags behind trauma-informed practices, and the shortcoming can rewound victims seeking spiritual healing.
  6. Recovery protocols fail to address a Christian identity and, from time to time, even Christian beliefs.
  7. Effective ministries are a piece of a greater network of support which integrates all aspects of healing.
  8. Partnering with survivors adds wisdom, credibility and hope. It completes the dialogue needed for institutional healing.
  9. Healing an institution begins with healing individuals.
  10. All wounds of abuse are relational, and in relationship we find a completion of healing.