Nonalignment Policy

Spirit Fire practices a meticulous nonalignment approach. We do not oppose and do not endorse any cause outside our mission to promote:

  1. Protection of children and vulnerable adults, and
  2. Healing and reconciliation for individuals, families, parishes and the Church in the wake of ongoing sexual abuse scandal, and
  3. Sharing our experience, strength and hope with the world around us.

We endeavor to create a welcoming safe place for all with our careful but simple guidelines, because the sad truth is that abuse does not discriminate between those with different beliefs, economic classes, educational levels, races, creeds, ethnic backgrounds, gender or orientation, mental or physical advantages, points of view, ideologies, theological or liturgical preferences.

Our message of hope and healing must be available to all.

Spirit Fire survivors and guests are entitled to their own views and to express their views without further restriction or censorship in a setting of faith. We have all struggled to find the voice muted by abuse, and we seek to respect each other’s freedom to speak as our hearts and consciences lead.

As participants in Spirit Fire events or programs, however, we all agree to comply with our nonalignment approach and with our other guidelines to create a space where it is possible for a restorative-justice dialogue to progress.

Together we are responsible for creating a safe place for all to come together, speak freely, be heard and be reconnected.