Some examples of Luis A. Torres, Jr. and Teresa Pitt Green in media

A Survivor’s Perspective on Abuse in the Church

Interview about the need to acknowledge wrongs done and need to prepare to move forward together, by Bill Chritchley-Menor, SJ (published in The Jesuit Post, November 2, 2018).

Pope Francis Meets with US Bishops As More Leaders Face Allegations of Harassment and Cover-up

Quoted with Teresa Kettelkamp of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors in an article about what is needed to move forward, by Julie Zauzmer and Michelle Boorstein (published in The Washington Post, September 18, 2018).

Advice from Survivors for Fellow Catholics

Roundup of comments from clergy-abuse survivors on Catholic reactions to firestorm following the McCarrick and other allegations, by journalist Katie Scott (published in Catholic Sentinel, September 4, 2018). 

Meet Teresa Pitt Green: Advocate for Abused Persons

Interview by the Center for Child Protection, Pontifical Gregorian University (Mar 24, 2018).

Faith Reclaimed: How Survivors of Clergy Abuse Return to the Church

Profile by journalist Katie Scott (published in Catholic Sentinel, Aug 29, 2017) of several Catholic survivors of clergy abuse, featuring selected resources. 

A Guide Through the Darkness

Interview by journalist Katie Scott (published in Arlington Catholic Herald, Jul 30, 2014) featuring Rev. Lewis S. Fiorelli, OSFS, co-author of Veronica’s Veil, speaking about his work with survivors.

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Human Trafficking Work

Special Report: The Reality of Teen Sex Trafficking in Northern Virginia

Investigation by Dr. Wallicia Gill and Brad Swenson (published in The Blue View, August 15, 2018)

Teen Sex Trafficking Hits Close to Home

PDF Local Paper  Article by Dr. Wallicia Gill and Brad Swenson (published in The Connection and 16 local papers, October, 4, 2018)