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We continue through the pandemic and lockdown to offer retreats for survivors and others, to develop and share free resources, to participate in parish renewal via survivor parish panels, and to serve clergy and ministries with survivor-partnered training in trauma-informed pastoral care.

Demand is growing steadily!

We keep focused on a priority of our work, and work on back office operations as possible. All our work has been self-funded to date, with the exception of our broadcast series on trauma, faith, and pastoral care.

We need you!

Please consider donating to our work to help us keep pace with demand.

We have not (yet) created a nonprofit in our early development, so this is not a tax-deductible gift.

We would appreciate your support – and even more will the many people participating in our events appreciate your help!


Please note: While our broadcast on Abuse, Faith, and Pastoral Care has received grant funding, our operations have been funded solely by contributions of the principals.

Thank you for helping us serve to help others, wounded in settings of faith and trust, reconnect with God and become free and welcome to offer their hearts and talents to God and to the work of healing and reconciliation.